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ReFuel Concept was founded in 2015 by Wellness couple Naomi and Bolko. Naomi is a Nutritionist / Healthy Chef and Wellness Coach (NLP & EFT) and Bolko, a BSc in Sports Science, Sports Performance Coach for premiership footballers and Mindset Coach (NLP). Together they have been providing people with the tools to connect mind, body and spirit. Today as wellness Ambassadors for the award winning One&Only Le Saint Géran and Portonovi luxury resorts, their mission is to help a whole new generation of hoteliers thrive for optimum health while on the go... 

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We offer a ‘whole human’ approach to wellbeing that looks after the mind, body and spirit. It's a way of thinking and relating to the spiritual part of being human, beyond the individual in a global system. Our online membership programmes are tailored to this unique pathway optimising your nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle, whilst simultaneously giving you optimum results. We have partnered with One&Only Luxury Resorts as wellness advisors to hoteliers and launch new initiatives as well as refresh and expand upon existing products and services, offering programmes to transform your body and balance your lifestyle whilst on holiday and beyond. 

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"Change your 'Paradigm', and you'll change the mental program that has exclusive control over your habitual behaviour"

We help you to reconnect to areas of your life and banish the self-talk that holds you back by using mindset techniques taken from NLP and EFT modalities. We Identify and overcome toxic self talk and lack of self-belief and Re-frame, Re-programme and Re-lease old thought patterns and narratives. Re-wire your mind to think differently, change perspective and re-wire old destructive patterns which will help bring you into alignment mentally, physically and spiritually. Create a new belief systems and transform how you are living to create more impact and more satisfaction to support your personal goals and release emotional and mental blocks that are standing in your way of create the life you want.

If you’re interested to know how our programme could help you, why not book a complementary Wellness Consultation? Contact us to complete a short questionnaire and book in for your FREE 30mins consultation.



Eat Intuitively  

Our nutritional advisor will personalise your balanced nutrition plan to suit your dietary needs and programme goals that balance blood sugar levels and optimise your energy levels.

Train Optimally

Train with our expert personal trainer, either in your own home, at a private fitness studios in London or with our video training via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Our workouts are designed to burn fat, tone fast and boost your metabolism.

Think Successfully

We’ll train your brain, as well as your body, with weekly mindset coaching — using NLP foundation techniques — that motivate, re-wire your thought processes and inspire you throughout your programme.

Live Healthy 

We’ll help you make practical and realistic changes to your lifestyle that have a scientific and feel-good purpose, helping you to regulate your hormone function, reduce stress and optimise your results.

"Putting an end to the word 'Dieting' and helping you to optimise your health and wellbeing and losing weight for good"






"optimising personal wellbeing"