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"You have the chance at living longer & healthier"

You might be reading this and realising the importance of taking your health seriously to avoid aging and declining health – which may seem unexciting and distant! However, here's the catch – you can enjoy the benefits of your efforts now while ensuring you can still handle your luggage in the overhead compartment in your 70s and beyond, or prevent falls without risking a hip injury!

By starting today, you have the opportunity to feel more energetic and robust (and younger!), improve your sleep, appear healthier, and feel confident whether at the beach or in the bedroom!

Within just six months, 4ŌFY guarantees to provide you with the framework needed to ensure your long-term sustainability.

We aim to simplify and add enjoyment to integrating health and fitness into your daily routine. Our goal is to offer you a personalised and practical plan that fits smoothly into your lifestyle, making necessary adjustments to support your journey, even amidst life's uncertainties.

Our approach merges cutting-edge nutrition, behaviour, sports, and longevity research to craft smart programs that foster positive habits. Each program we develop is customised to align with your individual goals and aspirations, prioritising healthspan as a central focus.

Let's create your future... NOW!

What must you do in order to manage your risks to achieve your health and longevity goals?

Whether you are just starting your journey, or have been focusing on it for decades, 4ŌFY will guide you through the creation of a personalised plan across each of our 4 wellness pillars.


Protocol to assess your current tactics

Plan for optimised sleep

Personalised nutrition plan

Personalised exercise programming

Our framework for supplements

Emotional health toolbox

Programme Details

In-depth questionnaire to asses your current state

1 hour video on-boarding call

6 months program broken down into three phases; preparation, change, maintain.

Weekly check-ins with in-app messaging support

Fortnightly accountabliltiy video calls

Personalised training programs designed to fit around your environment 

Daily habit tracker based on your goals and objectives 

Personalised nutrition with macro-calculator to track your meals

Personalised supplement and peptide protocol

Resources including podcasts, documentaries, books and articles

Sleep and mental health toolbox

Invest in yourself. It will change your life.

4ŌFY addresses the most essential question you are confronted with in life — “how can I live better for longer?” For those willing to do the work, this program is fully capable of fortifying your current health and the quality of your lifespan.

Ready to begin your journey?

Complete Your Questionnaire

Tell us a little about yourself, and schedule a video call so we can design the right plan for you.

Get Moving & Motivated

Your weekly regimen with instructional HD videos walk you through every exercise.

A Nutrition Plan Designed for You

Inform us about any food intolerances or allergies, and start eating what right for you.

Track Your Progress

Get a comprehensive view of your workout stats, including your biofeedback, to recognise the physical signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety, sleep performance, heart rate, body temperature, and muscle tension.

Customised Plan that's Uniquelly Yours

Your coaches crafts your program after your intake, intro call, and assessment workouts.

Get Ongoing Support

Use text, audio, and video message for unlimited feedback and questions. Along with weekly virtual check-in calls.

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