We created ReFuel to provide people with the tools to connect mind, body and spirit. Today as wellness partners for the award winning One&Only Resorts, our mission is to help a whole new generation of hoteliers thrive while on the go.

The hotelier mentality has evolved, people want to live and feel healthier as they’ve defined age not only as appearance but as the overall feeling of health and wellbeing. We have found during our visits to some of the worlds most luxury resorts that hoteliers are expecting healthier options and as always a choice and service that in todays wellness driven economy is a must!

As wellness advisors we advocate proactive holistic wellness combining modern health and wellbeing with ancient healing. We drive for real results through our wellness expertise via mindset, nutrition, exercise & activity, spa and body therapies, products, alternative treatment modalities and collaborations with other wellness practitioners for complete integrative care. A guest would consult with us and we would devise a intuitive package formulated to their specific requirements and objectives.



Guests can benefit from  consultating with Naomi, who will counsel on gut health, personalised meal plans, dialy activity plans such as exercise, yoga, tennis, bike rides, water sports, meditation, body care treatments and healthy resort restaurant cuisine supporting your progress. Leave the resort inspired, with takeaway tools and advice to continue your wellness journey forward.


Join Naomi for a fun,

informative and ‘get your hands dirty’ workshop, immersing yourself in the craft of home-made healthy snack making. The workshop will be guided step by step, allowing you the opportunity to not only feast on ‘guilt free’ treats created, you'll learn about the fundamentals of snacking on ‘Free From’ foods as well as what's involved in setting up your pantry staples at home. 

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Want to kick-start, maintain or challenge an established fitness routine, lose weight, or rehabilitate an injury. Bolko will create a uniquely-tailored activity schedule with various fitness sessions, active challenges and bodywork to help you work towards your fitness goals. You can have 1 on 1 private personal training sessions or additionally you can join his group HIIT and Cross Training classes.