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Our coach has a BSc in Sports Science an extensive variety of experience and qualifications with 20 years experience as a performance coach and other movement philosophies. Bolko will make sure you are working with the perfect training protocol from the very start, guarantee you life-changing results in a minimum of 8 to 12-weeks.  


A initial consultation, where he will discuss your exercise history, current dietary and lifestyle habits, any injuries or preferences dietarily or exercise-wise. This session is comprehensive to establish exactly where you are today, in physical and psychological terms, where we want you to be and where you are going to be in the short, medium and long-term.

Goal Setting– This always drives the rest of the training programme so it is the first thing we establish. He looks and indeed help you establish your short, medium and long-term objectives, so we can ensure your goals will be specific, achievable and properly targeted.

Comprehensive Fitness Testing– This will differ for what is appropriate for your level of fitness and your goal path (but may often include metabolic conditioning and/or cardiovascular (aerobic and/or anaerobic) endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and strength endurance (centered separately on the core, lower and upper body), power and structural balance.

"optimising personal wellbeing"