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RE-SET is our most successful programme to achieved your results and built your balanced lifestyle, we’re here to provide that ongoing support, motivation and insight to sustain your new normal.


This programme helps you stay on track and seamlessly manage situations like holidays, celebrations, or stressful times in life.


The RE-SET programme includes RE-SHAPE and RE-WIRE programme. During this final phase of your programme, you will receive the tailored support and expert coaching you need to maintain your new normal long-term.


The RE-SET phase is a scientifically proven step to ensure your weight-loss success story is an enduring one that lasts a lifetime. We support with the Method which is now embedded in what you do and how you live. Your new habits will guide you through holidays and celebrations without breaking step, and should you need any support or motivation from us, we’re on hand to help.


The RE-SET phase lasts for an addition 6 months once you’ve completed the RE-SHAPE and RE-WIRE programmes with weekly or monthly support and can be extended. It includes the option of expert personal training at home or in a private fitness studios in London, or live video training available worldwide in addition to the support from your nutritional advisor and mindset NLP coach as you continue the positive lifestyle changes you made during your RE-SHAPE and RE-WIRE plans. 


RE-SET programmes are available worldwide, either in-person for London-based clients, or over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.



Your RE-SET programme includes:


12 month lifestyle training programme that’s tailored to your personal goals

Workout program to follow wherever you are, at home, gym or on your holiday

Weekly 1:1 consultations with your advisors

Personalised food plan with + online recipes 

Personal training in your home (London only) or via Live Video training

Practical advice if you travel frequently and spend lots of time at airports or in hotels

Embracing the method whilst on holiday to come back feeling totally refreshed

Expert coaching from your lifestyle advisor over 6 months

Re-wire behaviours and nurture positive habits with in-depth NLP + EFT coaching 

Staying on track when work or family pressures ramp up

Work with your personal nutritional & wellness advisor

Lifestyle coaching for sleep, stress and outcome organisation and as other things arise, clients can reach out

Available worldwide