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RE-SHAPE weight loss programme is a 3 month total body reset. You didn't fail your last diet. Your last diet failed you. So to lose weight properly, feel a sense of achievement and have the body you want, follow our RE-SHAPE programme for your seamless and sustainable lifestyle reset.


Re-start your lifestyle and lose weight with your tailored RE-SHAPE programme. It’s an optimum way of living that’s tailored around you, with the help of your personalised neuro-linguistic programming coach keeping you accountable on your nutrition, fitness, mindset, lifestyle and mental health, whilst simultaneously giving you results you’ll love.


Personalised Food Plan and Recipes for Optimum Results


Activate Your Metabolism and Recharge Your Energy


Weekly Check-Ins with Your NLP Coach


Lifestyle Changes That Suits Your Personal Goals


RE-WIRE is our 6 month program that addresses the mind and body of our method where we show you how to keep the results you’ve achieved, switching from weight-loss to weight management.

The RE-WIRE phase is the continuation from the RE-SHAPE programme and is a scientifically proven stage to sustained long-term results. During this phase, you learn the techniques needed to maintain your new lifestyle in the long term, so that you can stay your optimal weight, regardless of the challenges life may throw at you.


Your nutritional advisor will adapt your programme, re-introducing any “worth-its” you have reduced during your RE-SHAPE programme. 


RE-SET - our 12 month complete lifestyle program that will help you successfully achieved your results and built your balanced lifestyle as we provide that extra support, motivation, lifestyle hacks and dealing with lifestyle insight to sustain your new normal.


Our RE-SET programme helps you stay on track and seamlessly manage situations like holidays, celebrations, or stressful times in life.

The RE-SET programme includes RE-SHAPE and RE-WIRE programme. During all phases of your programme, you will receive the tailored support and expert coaching covering body, mind and spirit you need to maintain your new normal long-term.


Every programme is tailored and as you progress, so your programme progresses.

There’s no one size fits all and your advisors will coach you on the situations that are most important to you.


DISCLAIMER: Weight loss programme results are unique to each individual and each set of circumstances. ReFuel Concept Limited cannot guarantee specific weight loss results or outcomes for any client as a result of our programmes or methodology. If you have any questions regarding this or the any of the information / data we use to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services, please contact info@refuelconcept.com.

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