"optimising personal wellbeing"




In 2011, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease; an auto-immune disease that can effect any part/s of the digestive system. With no family history of the disease and living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle pre my diagnosis - my illness prompted a determined passion to gain more of an understanding of the foods I was putting into my body and to educate myself on the alternatives; experimenting with cooking and baking (I'm quite partial to good pud!). My Degree in Fashion Design enhances my eye for colour and a flare for creativity, understanding that we eat with our eyes and our perception of healthy food as being boring, dull and flavourless, I was determined to change this! Completing a Nutritional Science course in London and personally seeing the positive health effects a "free-from" lifestyle helped to aid the healing of my gut without nasty medications, the more I wanted to pay it forward and help others with their general well-being.



After graduating with a BSc in Sports Science. I started my career as a personal trainer in LA. My clients ranged from A-List actors, musicians which placed me amongst the top of my peers. I later moved to London where I utilised my talents as a pro performance coach working with premier league football players which motivated me to helping those with weight issues and assisting individuals with specific training needs. I would devise nutrition plans to optimise the best results. I gained a good understanding of clients suffering with Diabetes, thus increasing my knowledge to further my practice. Through my years of experience I have identified that overall wellness is the key; whether you are a top executive, pro-athlete, or a person suffering from illness, we all strive towards a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional and overall well-being.