In 2011, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease; an auto-immune disease that can affect any part/s of the digestive system. With no family history of the disease and living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle pre my diagnosis - my illness prompted a determined passion to gain more of an understanding of the foods I was putting into my body and to educate myself on the alternatives; experimenting with cooking and baking (I'm quite partial to good pud!). My Degree in Fashion Design enhances my eye for colour and a flair for creativity, understanding that we eat with our eyes and our perception of healthy food as being boring, dull and flavourless, I was determined to change this! Completing a Nutritional Science diploma and becoming an NLP practitioner in London, I personally saw the positive effects a healthy lifestyle and mindset, played on myself and aid in helping me heal my gut without medications. This motivated me in wanting to pay it forward and help others with their general well-being.



After graduating with a BSc in Sports Science. I started my career as a personal trainer in LA. My clients ranged from A-list celebrities which placed me amongst the top of my peers. I later moved to London where I utilised my talents as a professional sports performance coach working with premier league football players which motivated me to help those with weight issues and assisting individuals with specific training needs. I would devise nutrition plans to optimise the best results. I gained a good understanding of clients behavioural patterns, thus increasing my knowledge to further my practice. Through my years of experience, I have identified that mindset is the key; which motivated me in becoming a qualified High-Performance Coach, helping top executives, pro-athletes and people suffering from mental, emotional and performance setbacks, to strive towards overall well-being and guiding them to reach their optimal potential.