Standing in the Rain




Our High Performance Coach, Bolko will help you develop a solid strategy and clarify your personal brand by identifying your strengths and evaluating opportunities. Evaluate your goals and help you achieve the most important objectives for your career. We will work with you to accelerate growth by helping you leverage your knowledge, resources, relationships, etc. in order to establish yourself as a leader in your industry.  


Why You May Need Us

High Performance Coaching helps people explore their motivation, and overcome the blockers that hold them back. It's about both support and challenge. It's particularly useful for the following:


Athletes who are serious about taking their game and their life to the next level. This involves the equivalent of athletes breaking bad habits in their game, and relearning basic skills the right way.

We work to develop athletes of all levels and ages into successful leaders both on and off the field by providing them with guidance and resources to reach their fullest potential.


Corporate clients in the areas of leadership development, performance, and emotional intelligence. Our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals by challenging them to step outside of their comfort zone. We act as a trusted advisor for our client while providing accountability to ensure personal and professional growth.


Long-range career or life planning – While some people may prefer not to have a "life plan," there's robust evidence that shows that people who have clear plans and goals are more likely to be successful in the long term.


Navigating career change points – An example of a career change point could be the transition from being primarily seen as a manager to being seen as a leader – someone who offers clear guidance and genuine inspiration. Coaching can help people navigate these change points more successfully.

We understand that every coaching client is different. Our approach is to help our clients dominate their industry by developing S.M.A.R.T. professional Goals, while facilitating a holistic approach to personal development. Improved performance begins with self-awareness, building confidence, and developing self-control.